When creating your own college paper, it is very useful to have asample essay in front of you, as it will help you develop youressay topic into a full-length and well-structured paper.

A high-quality essay can be distinguished by the followingcharacteristics:

  • The use of advanced and upgraded vocabulary instead ofcommonly used expressions and words.
  • The use of different sophisticated sentences instead of shortsimple ones.
  • The use of complex grammatical structures.
  • Interesting style.
  • Details and transition words as well as examples that back upyour statement.
  • You need to try to write as many essays as possible in order toget the practice you need and become more familiar with the typeof topics given during exams.

Even if you think you are not a good writer you can learn how towork with a sample essay and turn it into something effective.Once you learn how to add the winning elements into your paper,you will become a high-scorer.

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Usually a well-organized essay is the one that has fiveparagraphs. In this case, the structure looks in the followingway:

  • The first paragraph – entry
  • The second paragraph – reason number one
  • The third paragraph – reason number two
  • The fourth paragraph – reason number three
  • The fifth paragraph – conclusion In the entry, you need to introduce the subject and explain whyit is relevant today. You need to introduce two arguments andplace the thesis at the end of the paragraph so that the readcould easily find it. The thesis accurately indicates whatargument you believe in. This is seen by the evidence you provideand how confident your language is.

All three paragraphs of the body part should be well-organized.Each of them should start with the transition phrase or word andinclude an example that backs up your thesis. These paragraphsindicate certain examples from the passage and then explain howthey support the important point. You need to use three differentexamples:

  • Statistics
  • Vocabulary
  • Ethics This way, you will prove that your argument is well-supported.These examples differ from one another and demonstrate that youunderstand what makes your argument strong or weak.

In the concluding paragraph, you need to demonstrate the opposingside providing the numbered list before restating the thesis fromthe entry. Your paper should avoid any spelling or grammarmistakes. The sentence structure should be varied and clear withthe right use of punctuation. If you show that you have a goodcommand of the English language, you will get a perfect score foryour paper.


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The main objective of the entry is to present your position on acertain issue. However, creating an effective entry paragraph ismuch more than that. Before you start writing the thesis, yourpaper should start with the hook that will draw your readers’attention and will make them want to read your work. Effectivehooks include the following techniques:

  1. Quotation of famous people
  2. Surprising statistics
  3. Anecdotes
  4. Interesting facts and information
  5. Relevant jokes Only when your reader is fully focused on reading your paper, youcan proceed to the thesis. Usually it is one sentence thatclearly explains your position and leaves no doubt in yourreaders’ mind about what side you are on from the beginning ofyour paper.

After the thesis you need to include a mini plan that previewsthe examples you will apply to back up your thesis. The plan notonly tells the reader what they can expect from reading youressay but also will give them a clear understanding what you’rewriting about.

Finally, when you work on the last sentence of the entry sectionyou need to move the reader to the first paragraph of the mainpart. The entry of a sample essay doesn’t need to include morethan four sentences. If your entry is much longer than that, editit to shorten its length.


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The objective of the main paragraphs is to tell about yourexperiences in details.

Include the strongest argument in the first paragraph. Here, youneed to also provide the most significant examples. The firstproposal should be the topic sentence.

It’s not enough to only cite the example. The effective essayfollows up on the topic proposal, explaining to the reader whator who an example is.

Even if you provide an example, your reader needs to know thecontext and it is your job to explain it to them. To do this,include four or six facts that you believe illustrate your pointin the clearest way. Once you do this, explain why thisdemonstrates your point the best. You cannot just skip this step.

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Since mentioning the relationship between your perspective andone other perspective is the main part of the assignment, youneed to have a clear idea of every available perspective.

If your perspective is the combination of different perspectives,this is also fine. However, ensure you offer a comparison of yourperspective to every other perspective you provide. Otherwise,you won’t be able to provide a deep analysis of the link betweenthe perspectives as required by the task.


You will need to use a lot of evidence to support yourperspective. If while preparing a paper you will find out thatyou have more evidence on the other perspective than the one youhave selected initially, you can always change it. When composinga sample essay, you don’t need to tell in full sentences aselegantly as you would in your actual paper. For now, you justcollecting your ideas and evidence that you will later turn intoa well-structured essay.



When providing evidence for your paper you can take it from thefollowing sources:

Personal experience: you can tell a story about yourself orsomeone you know only if it supports your points. The prompt of an entry paragraph of the task: read theparagraph of the paper prompt. You can find appropriate examplesin it and use them in your paper. Specifics: you can also support your point by using knowledgeof current events or events from history. If you don’t knowparticular details, do not worry the essay graders will notdeduct points if you provide some of the irrelevant information. Statistics: statistics can also be real of fake. You can comeup with the study that examined the recordings of phone calls andcame to a conclusion that more than 80% of people end up cursingwhile applying the menus of the automated phones.


Transitional phrases are used to demonstrate the reader where oneparagraph ends and the other begins. Transitional phrases signalthe end of one set of ideas and the beginning of another.Essentially, they lead the reader from one section of the paperto another.


Even though the conclusion section is at the end of the paper, itshould not be considered as an afterthought. The final proposalis your last chance to make your point so the conclusion shouldfollow a strict format.

Conclusion can be viewed as another entry because it has almostthe same features. Even though it doesn’t have to be long (fourwell-structured sentences are enough) it can fortify or ruin youressay.

There should be a concluding transition in an effectiveconclusion as well as an allusion to the hook applied in theentry paragraph. After that you should restate your thesis.

This will be the fourth or fifth time that you have repeated yourthesis. Even though you used varied language structures in bodyparagraphs, you can use the original language from theintroduction in the conclusion. This method not only reinforcesyour argument but also connects nicely with the second keyelement of the conclusion – short review of the three main ideasfrom the body of your essay.

The final proposal in your essay should be a global statement orcall to action that signals to readers that your discussion hasfinished.


Advanced planning. Even though you may think that planning isa waste of time, it is always recommended to brainstorm ideasbefore beginning your paper. This will make it possible for youto find the best ideas rather than simply use the first ones thatcome to mind. Your best supported idea is the one that makes yourcase in the strongest possible way and the one you have the mostknowledge about. This idea should go first. If you ineffectivelyplace your arguments, your essay may fail. Use of variety. If you want to deliver an effective piece ofwork you need to use vocabulary and sentences of a differentcomplexity. Attempt to avoid applying the same phrases and wordsin the course of the essay. You don’t have to includesophisticated words but a little variety can make a simple ideasparkle. Practice. It takes time to provide a good writing. So, it isrecommended to practice a lot writing essays on different topics.Even though you won’t be able to create a masterpiece right fromthe beginning, regular practice will soon change that and youwill be able to deliver comprehensive papers that arewell-organized and well-formatted.