9/11 Terrorist Composition

 911 Terrorist Essay

The Misfortune Across America The unconscionable tragedy that besieged each of our nation September 11 provides shocked People in america. Indeed, photos of the conflit that visited around the world demonstrated how prone the world is always to barbaric terrorism. But as that shock changed into anger, a dangerous mix of thoughts began to decide across America. Talk-Radio callers queued on the phone to in-take their anger after the attacks. " We need to nuke all! " explained one unknown caller. " Put all foreigners out of the nation, " announced another. Television set news broadcasts brought in so-called experts to talk about the personality of the perpetrators. " Almost all fingers point to the Arabs, " claimed one analyst. " We must keep our eyes upon those Muslims, " deducted another. These kinds of hateful feedback were the backdrop to the fear that swept the Arab and Muslim communities throughout the United States. Mosques were open fire bombed, Muslim women had been harassed and several who " looked like they were from that portion of the world" had been attacked. In spite of who is in the end found to become responsible for these kinds of terrorist attacks, no ethnic or spiritual community ought to be collectively blamed. Blaming ethnicity and religion as the main of this failure only pulls countless more innocents in a cycle of hate. Grouping Muslims or Arabs with terrorists is usually unjust and prejudiced. At the same time the dishonest criminals at the rear of this tragedy cloak themselves under a veil of religion, all of us in the civil world should distinguish between religious beliefs and murderous terrorists. Indeed, most Muslims are utterly and completely ashamed at any functions of violence carried out in the name of their religious beliefs. In fact , this sort of violence contradicts the views, teachings and ideals of Islam and Muslims. Islam expressively forbids such works of assault. Arabs and Muslims will be as afraid of this terrorism as are every Americans. The results of terrorism tend not to distinguish between...