A&P: Point of View

 AP: Standpoint Essay

Standpoint is a very important element of literary works. In the book Literary works Reading, Reacting, Writing viewpoint is described as, " the vantage point from which events are presented” (Kirszner and Mandell 300). The point of view of any story is simply the view of whoever's showing it. Kirszner and Mandell inform visitors that in the event the narrator may enter every one of the characters' thoughts and always is aware what is going on, then simply he is omniscient (303). Kirszner and Mandell also notify readers that if a narrator can only get into one character's mind, after that he is a limited omniscient narrator (304). Viewpoint plays a significant role in the effectiveness of a story. By simply analyzing John Updike's " A& P” one can observe point of view is employed to develop character types and idea.

The development of characters is very closely tied to standpoint. In the case of " A& L, ” Sammy is a major first person hard to rely on narrator. The storyline seems to be regarding an rising counterculture trend. Sammy appears to be in the middle of this kind of revolution. Three girls indicate the emerging counterculture plus the manager implies the current tradition at the time of the 1960's. If the manager was telling the storyline, then visitors would've obtained a more adverse view from the girls. The girls would've given readers an equally unfavorable view of the manager. Sammy, on the other hand, evaluated everyone. His juvenile mind was as well subject to much less biasness as he was too naïve to sugarcoat any kind of his descriptive thoughts. If someone was fat he said that. If somebody was aged he stated it. This helped speed up the development of other characters, which is essential within a short history. Throughout the account, readers get an insight in Sammy's thoughts which allows them understand and accord with Sammy's character. It becomes apparent he could be a person who hates his task and anxiously desires the interest of females. He likewise pays attention to detail similar to good narrator should.

Standpoint also affects...