Analysis of literary features on Cat's eye simply by Margaret Atwood.

 Analysis of literary features on Cat’s eye simply by Margaret Atwood. Essay

This kind of passage coming from Cats Eye by Margaret Atwood, illustrates the alikeness between Elaine and Cordelia by contrasting the girls and the old females in the streetcar. Detailed explanations of the personas contribute to showcasing different designs like camaraderie, disguising types true identification and the notion of time. These are generally highlighted through various literary features just like metaphor and imagery.

The passage reveals a relationship between two girls, Cordelia and the narrator. They seem to be friends inside the passage since it is mentioned by narrator that [they] believe [they] will be friends. The phrase we think reflects the narrators uncertainness about her friendship with Cordelia. Yet, there are many sources to all of them being practically twin-like and identical in the way they dress and act. Were impervious, we scintillate, we are thirteen- the use and repetition from the inclusive pronoun we even more highlights their alikeness. Despite the fact that they are good friends, the reader will be able to sense the narrators inferiority to Cordelia through her tone of voice. Pyschological data reports through her comments just like I was almost of the same quality or that Cordelia is usually opaque and glinting that the narrator admires or would like to be like Cordelia.

The detailed descriptions of the appearance of the old ladies on the streetcar highlights the theme of superficiality. The points show that the narrators bias on persons stems from their particular outer performances, as demonstrated in her observations such as some are respectably dressed yet others are lesser and overseas looking. Additional, her brief review that Cordelia can tell affordable cloth quickly once again reephasizes Cordelias brilliance and her attitude towards superficiality. These kinds of attitudes of young girls such as the narrator and Cordelia express how prejudices are deeply embedded within our society.

Metaphors like costumes and level props, were used to illustrate peoples motivation to cover their the case identity; attires are normally donned by stars who are impersonating somebody...