Analysis of the Character types and Strategies of Road Travel Safety in the Cold Area of China

 Analysis of the Characters and Strategies of Street Transportation Basic safety in the Chilly Region of China Essay



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Analysis of the Characters and Strategies of Road

Transportation Basic safety in the Cool Region of China

JIANG Xiancai*, PEI Yulong

Company of Travel Research, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, Cina

Abstract: This paper concentrates on the situation inside the cold area of Cina where the transport safety managing of street is unaggressive and bad, the dexterity between managements is poor, and the performance of emergency rescue can be low in snow-icing weather. In addition, it analyzes the characters of road vehicles safety in snow-icing weather conditions, and summarizes the countrywide and overseas disposal ways of deal with snow-icing traffic. Then simply three powerful strategies which could reduce the effect on road transport safety by snow-icing weather have been received, including the provision of information, traffic control, and dealing with the snow-icing. The paper also discusses the result of each approach from the point of view of street maintenance managers, emergency managers, traffic managers, and motorists. It will be useful to improve the functions of street transportation basic safety in snow-icing weather in the cold place of Chinese suppliers.

Key Words: character of highway transportation security; snow-icing visitors; manage tactics; cold region


Targeted traffic safety problem in cold location attracts more and

more reflexion. In winter, the terrible road environment

increases the probability of crash in cold areas. Several

countries have got certain achievements in this field. Most of these research demonstrate that the possibility of crash increases


sharply inside the icy street[1 4]. Perry and Symons provided that the fatality rate raises by 25% and the crash rate maximize by completely in the wintry roads[5]. At the same time, a few research signifies that the harm is lighter weight than the common road

for the reason that speed of vehicle can be decreased inside the icy road.


Effect of weather on road transportation security

Rich analysis achievement in the investigation of different

environments on the highway transportation security has been

acquired, and obviously, the results are peaceful different. Just about all literatures demonstrate that the likelihood of motor vehicle collisions and scratching incidents are significantly rising about


snow-covered roads[1 9]. British scholars, Perry and Symons'

study highlights that the incident casualty charge has increased 25% and the car accident rate has grown 100% under icy road

conditions in Britain[5]. On the other hand, a few research

literatures indicate the injury of traffic episode is

generally considerably less severe under frozen road circumstances than non-icy road state, mainly because of the vehicle rate

decrease on icy street[2, 10].

American college student Khattak ainsi que al. takes in the conclusion by

the comparability analysis of accident info in fifty four snowfall

locations that a few. 86 accidents occur in several vehicles per kilometer[7]. However , the accident possibility is only zero. 41 underneath non-snow state during the same period and the

difference is as high because 13 occasions. Maze ain al. have

reflected the outstanding impact of snow, visibility and wind speed on the happening potential of accidents[11]. In low

visibility (less than 1 km2) and high speed (greater than forty five km/h) situations, the probability of vehicles collision and

scratching is of 25 occasions when compared with that in regular

weather conditions.

Dining tables 1 to 3 list the achievements in the impact of weather

Received date: 2007-01-14

*Corresponding writer. E-mail: [email protected]26. com

Foundation item: the National Technological and Scientific Project pertaining to the 10th Five-year Strategy of P. R. China and tiawan Copyright В© 2007, Chinese suppliers Association for Science and Technology. Electric version released by Elsevier...

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