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Burgey, Blue jean L. " Deaf President Now. " Deaf Chief executive Now. Blue jean L. Burgey, n. g. Web. 16 Oct. 2013.

This website provides us a brief summary of what Deaf President Right now was. Additionally, it gave us an idea about why the students, faculty, and the alumni had been so upset. Two of three finalists had been deaf plus the only hearing finalist was the one chosen to be the newest president, which is why the Gallaudet students had been outraged. Following your protests had been over and the folks got what they wanted, Doctor I. Ruler Jordan started to be the 1st deaf leader at Gallaudet University.

" Speeches and Remarks. " Doctor I. California king Jordan. D. p., n. d. Internet. 14 April. 2013.

On this internet site we understand Dr . Michael jordan, who was the first deaf president by Gallaudet School. It gives us a short resource about him and exactly how he started to be president. This website also offers us a listing of his popular speeches. This will help to us mainly because we can learn about the first leader and how he became who have he was.

" Elisabeth Zinser. " -- Gallaudet School. Gallaudet School, n. d. Web. 12-15 Oct. 2013.

This site gives a short biography of Elisabeth Zinser. This website may help us since we can find out about Zinser and her achievements and how the lady became chief executive at Gallaudet University. Zinser was the just finalist in 1988 that wasn't deaf, and she was your one that received the title of president. Following your Deaf President Now finished, Zinser retired. Bush, George. " George Bush Notice to Gallaudet. " -- Gallaudet College or university. Gallaudet School, n. d. Web. 18 Oct. 2013.

From this letter, former President, George Bush, shows Philip Bravin on his thoughts and opinions of the new elected chief executive for Gallaudet University. Mister. Bush thought that it was essential for the next chief executive to be hard of hearing, and also which the university was a symbol of hope for America. This direct letter via George Rose bush helped us understand the government's point of view around the situation during the time.

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