Apple vs Samsung (Oral)

 Apple versus Samsung Oral Essay

Hello, teacher. Within the 24th August 2012, Apple won more than US captal up to $1 billion in a large US the courtroom victory over Samsung, one of the biggest patent cases in many years – a verdict that can have enormous market effects. A court in San Jose, Washington dc awarded US $1. 049 billion towards the US tech giant, in accordance to court documents. But analysts said the damages could possibly be tripled because jurors located Samsung " willfully” infringed on us patents. The decision was appeared to be a tough victory for Apple nonetheless it was not quickly clear if it would stop sales of Samsung products or affect newer types released because the case was filed. Apple, the world's most valuable business now gets richer. On one hand, I believe inside the rule of law and Samsung was violating a lot of Apple style patents. They have to pay. Alternatively, I can't help but feel something happens to be wrong with all the system. Samsung korea was aiming to take a great design and duplicate or perhaps improve upon this. That is what competition is focused on. Innovation today is the procedure for finding a method around a obvious or conquer it with an even better design. Who knows if Samsung understood they were backup or not really. In any case, they got trapped. And the result has to be larger phone prices for everyone. The good news is, the hot fresh Galaxy SIII smart phone had not been affected by the ruling. Today, designing a good phone is usually difficult. They each look likewise, essentially job alike. Almost all have big screens, contact control, symbols for the functions and apps. Just how do the designers change that into something that is better and different that consumers will like and buy while not violating any us patents or needing a lisence?