Heurter in the Rye

 Catcher in the Rye Research Paper

Kylie Bowes

British 10 Elevates

Ms. Atezado, Period 6

March 12-15 2012

Separating the Variable

Inside L. D. Salingers classic book, Catcher in the Rye, the key character, Holden Caulfield, is known as a social outcast and is isolated in his very own world. He has a way of forcing people apart with his nice personality and constant need to not just truly feel but be different from the person with average skills. In order to feel very special Holden comprises stories make an impression others. It " Slips off [his] tongue like turpentine”, which is another way of claiming he is an obsessive liar (Lambert). This transforms people faraway from him a lot more because his lies are incredibly outrageous that they can aren't believable. An example will be when Holden told Stradlatter he was the governors' son, " this never really added up” (Lambert). Holden's wide open admissions to hating persons on a daily basis make it hard to get him to create friends. He " Hate[s] everything about [them]” (Three Days Grace). He contradicts his feelings sometimes even though in his very own head and goes from hatred to acceptance. This individual has to agree to the adverse things this individual sees in the people about him because he would be completely alone or else. All his real feelings are kept inside Bowes 2

" when he halts to think about it” (Three Times Grace). This individual really only wants to " Be an individual like [them]”, them staying his colleagues (Safetysuit). " What's my own age again? ” can be described as frequent tone in Holden's attitude (Blink182). He is extremely immature and "[people] declare [he] will need to act his age” (Blink182). Holden will not grow up because with growing up comes tasks. He likewise seems to not want to develop up because once you're an adult if you're on your own and acting just like a child is another way to cling onto persons, mostly power figures, for some time. It's very hypocritical considering he is always complaining about adults and how they supervisor him about, when in reality he wants that more than anything because it's a signal that they acknowledge his presence. He wants acceptance as well as for...