Case some I Want My VOIP!!!!

 Case four I Want My own VOIP!!!! Article

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I Want My personal VOIP!!!!

#1. What are the benefits and disadvantages to Rita of accepting time Warner give? Think carefully through the process that Rita would need to go through to switch telephone services. What might you do in her place? If I had been her, We would first decide whether I should change the frequent telephone to digital telephone by making a summary of the pros and cons of digital phone. Compared with classic telephone, digital telephones have such Positive aspects


1 . Less price

Digital telephone uses VOIP based upon soft moving over technology, which can be less expensive to use and maintain. 2 . Multifunctional

In addition to equip with all the regular services provided by traditional cell phone, digital cell phone can convert phone calls in to data, the mixing of mobile phone, TV, and data is definitely extensive. three or more. Convenience

There is no long distance charges and physical location of equipment doesn't matter. Calls between multiple contact numbers are free.

four. Huge potential

Features down the road are out of the reach in the local mobile phone, such as videophones, video e-mails. 1 . Relatively poor voice quality

The voice top quality of digital telephone is definitely not as very good as regular telephone support. 2 . Electricity problem

Reduce of power means lack of telephone services while frequent telephone systems still function when electricity is out. Though batteries improve temporary back-up power, yet there is absolutely nothing would provide cell phone service to get extensive blackout periods.

In view of Rita's requires, lower cost, convenience and worth, if I had been her, We would choose digital telephone. Yet , before subscribing to Time Warner, I would make a comparison among the list of digital mobile phone companies and decide the appropriate one. Compared to other companies, Period Warner offers such

Positive aspects