compare han china and imperial ancient rome

 compare ryan china and imperial ancient rome Essay

п»їAll around the world throughout history, there have been numerous civilizations. В However , when these cultures are different, there are similarities too. В The regions of Ryan China and Imperial Ancient rome are similar in the form of the use of bureaucracy, but distinct through the use of opinion systems and in the role of the chief. Both the empire of Ryan China and Imperial The italian capital used a bureaucracy as the form of political control. В Bureaucracy is the abordnung of electrical power in government. В In both Chinese suppliers and Rome there was the emperor. В Then the emperor would designate different people to manage things that he could not do himself like collecting taxes. В This bureaucratic system is one of the best forms of political control and contributed to the two empires getting good results. В Both empires continued to be for long periods of time. В The use of an structured bureaucracy written for this. В With this organized program, there was control and purchase which allowed the cultures to survive. As in most civilizations, Han Cina and Soberano Rome experienced belief systems. В Han China applied a idea known as Confucianism and Soberano Rome acquired religious threshold meaning persons could adhere to any faith they would just like. В The primary religion in Rome was Christianity. В In Ryan China, Confucianism was used by government. В Everyone was prompted to follow the ideals and -teachings of Confucianism by government. В This could include contributed to the long reign of the Ryan because there was there would be no fighting or persecution between people of numerous beliefs because mostly everyone followed a similar philosophy. В In Rome religion was used as a person choice and was not required by the federal government that all citizens follow the same religion. В There was religious tolerance in Rome seeing that Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan. В This permit citizens comply with any religious beliefs one would just like without being persecuted although that wasn't often the case....