Cybercrime Essay

Cecil Robinson


5th period

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Cybercrime Outline Research Newspaper В

Intro Paragraph:

1 .  Opening: " Everyone often hears regarding victims of Cybercrime, nevertheless never really comprehend the true that means of how disastrous the consequences of it can be” (David Wall).

2 . В Thesis: Cybercrime is one of the leading factors behind devastation in society today because of just how victims are often targeted due to lack of familiarity with this significant and complex crime. Americans need to take the initiative to properly educate themselves on how to accurately steer clear of cybercrime.

a few. My body paragraphs will incorporate me talking about (1) committing suicide and how the countless forms of cybercrime influence this. (2) The ways the elderly are easy objectives to con artists. (3) How the ways technology increases this becoming harder to protect her from becoming a victim.

4. Pertaining to my first main stage I will use a direct offer from somebody I know that once attempted to commit suicide due to cybercrime. For key point #2 I will make use of a statistics from CNN on how the elderly are more vulnerable to on the web predators. Finally, for main point #3 I will use both an immediate quote and statistic on how technology is definitely ever changing and just how it's getting harder to protect yourself by online predators.


Paragraph 1: I will be defining suicide mainly because I feel that people don't really understand what the term means and why people commit committing suicide, people quickly judge them for it with no understanding for what reason they ended in killing themselves.

|Evidence: |Use: |Place information was found: | |Definition of committing suicide. | | | |Stats on adolescent suicide as a result of cybercrime. | |...