Describe Picture

 Describe Photo Essay

This picture shows the big fire which is strong and spread quickly at gasoline station in Viet Nam. The push firefighter numerous firemen who have are working quite difficult in an effort to control the fire. They may be wearing dark-blue clothes, red helmets and whitish deal with mash with out gloves, eye protection and fresh air tank. In the left of picture, one firefighter is running and holding his helmet beacause he is afraid of that it is out of his head. Might be his head protection which is required for a fireman, is negative or as well loosen. Additionally, force armed service is also jointing with firefighting together. Inside the right of picture, solider man in green consistent of military services is trying to escape from the open fire. His garments and footwear are burnt up and so He is extremely scared. He does not provide not personal protect because helmet, mitts, face mash, etc . I believe he will always be seriously wounded. Near the gas station, some firemen are quite calm. They don't tackle the fire. No person holds fireplace hose or perhaps fire extinguisher. To my thoughts, this picture describe true situation of force firefighter in Vietnam. They use the equipment which usually quality are very low. Additionally , fireman is definitely equipped fully good personal tools and trained knowdge and great skill. The fireman who may be running and holding his helmet in the picture previously mentioned, proves an element of my opinion. The blaze is usually pretty hazardous to all people. It destroys not only economical but as well people. The nearest blaze takes place at a petroleum station in Tran Put up Dao road. In this one particular, ten firemen, 2 employees and one particular resident had been injured. Loss is estimated at almost 13 billion dollars VND. In the event that petrol place had integrated rule and force firefighter had been better, they will undergo that. I hope that knowing of everyone in fire avoidance will be better well.