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Dignity dissertation hand labor

Session one particular Recap

Very good an excellent initial session!

A few thoughts We jotted down during the discuss / things think about to get next session:

Re: being noticed vs seeing as how we discover meaning in every area of your life.The observation that different cultures ascribe benefit differently to modes was probably the most interesting thought of the session to me. I’m wondering how others reacted to these. Perhaps it is an artifact of my tradition that I deeply value staying seen, although my preliminary reaction was to think about getting the only human being left in / (desert island experiment). This appears to me a depressed, unfulfilling living. To put it another way, will be humans inherently social? Do we need to be identified by different humans to become fulfilled? cf I see you or sawubona.

Lso are: we nonetheless enjoy playing chess though computers are better than any human being at that.Accurate, but can we find profound meaning / dignity in playing chess? Or is it a frivolous leisure activity?

Re: human dignity is a human-centric perspective of dignity.Excellent point. What does a broader, even more encompassing notion of dignity involve. How might we get there?

Re: the pace of technology as opposed to pace of ideology.Historically, cultural beliefs regarding dignity have experienced time (generations at least) to develop as the environment / technology changes. Because the speed of technological advancement increases, can we need a far more malleable view of dignity, that can transform for a person many times within a lifespan, be necessary for each of our survival?

Re: capitalism in a totally automated globe.Will capitalism survive as software advances accelerate, or, will technology breed of dog even greater disparity necessitating some other form of authorities / wealth distribution?

Re: dignity of caretaking.I thought it was interesting when somebody made the idea about close friends finding joy in taking care of dogs in addition they use the term distracted by the caretaking. Is operate, art, caretaking all just ultimately a kind of distraction? From what? Also, it was interesting to learn regarding the attempts to change blue collar men into healthcare jobs failing due to the perception of those roles getting gendered.

Here are a few links that individuals mentioned in (or emailed me because germane to) today’s program:

through Lee.Bullshit Careers – HIT! // This really is great!

Re: captivity and programs, via Akshita:Alexander Weheliye (an Afro-Futurist) writes about the laboring black self in Habeas Viscus. I’d read this in tandem with Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Devoid of Work by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams (review)A couple of content that tie up these styles well are Bina48: Gender, Race, and Queer Man-made Life and Study Slavery to Study the effect of Software on Workers by Lockpick Vollrath.


Work is usually not abuse or a necessary evil, neither is it guys means of acquiring control, electricity and prosperity. Both of these way of doing something is contrary to the biblical view of work. We figure out work as some thing intrinsically good, we are co-creators of Gods world and work is part of the contribution.

Operate must be carried out responsibly and labour cared for well, this can include how we approach the work we all do, what it is we perform with our work and how employers treat their particular employees. A very good theme in Catholic Social Thought is usually support intended for trade assemblage and express measures to ensure concrete safety measures in place like living wages and holiday break leave.

Jesus speaks a lot about work, while a lot of this is in parables, we shouldn’t limit interpretations of the parables to get only religious ones. Jesus spent almost all of the years of his life learning the control of woodworking and we should not forget this when we listen to him lament about the servant who also hides his talent in the ground.

Dignity in work also touches after work lifestyle balance, occasionally cultures wherever people are expected to give increasingly more to their organisations to the determent of other spheres of your lives. The keystone of the is the importance of the Sabbath, but the rule extends to other areas of our lives and offers implications to get how we work with our own time and how we de fleste the work more in our career.

Read more about Pride in Work here

Session a couple of Recap

Re: fine art.I came across it interesting that an individual felt similar exact composition would maintain different meaning to them if they will discovered it had been authored by simply software and not a human. On the one hand, this makes some type of user-friendly sense, but on the other hand, it also appears completely absurd. It raises the question to what extent (if any) creative goal plays a role in the significance of art, or is the value all in model / understanding?

I likewise loved the thought of the chess playing robotic that determines to play poems instead.

Re: vulnerability and sympathy.It absolutely was interesting to realize these because the things we look for in human skill that we felt could not be produced by application. Why won’t be able to robots / software exhibit vulnerability? Why can’t we feel sympathy for them?

Re: compassion.Someone asked about my own views of human dignity these are always innovating, and I’ll caveat using a Reading Rainbow don’t take my expression for itof the things that I think is very cool about humans is our convenience of compassion. There are countless cases wherever biologically/evolutionarily there might be no benefits for the kinds to value an individual or perhaps group’s survival, yet somehow we even now extend empathy in these cases. In my experience, it feels like a transcendence in the indifference of nature / evolution, and I think it’s really worth recognizing since pretty amazing.

This compassion may extend beyond members of our own species to others (I’m not sure if compassion for other kinds is distinctively human, but it might be). I hope we all remember this kind of compassion as we progress technically.

I feel happy everyday to get my own life, and more than likely want to deny this kind of experience in front of large audiences or to future generations. I do think it would be a shame if all life to be sure it for all species we know ended if the sun tired, so I see it as a kind of responsibility in the human varieties to figure out tips on how to perpetuate your life beyond the finish of the sunshine, via space travel or perhaps other means. The woods are certainly not gonna get all of us off this planet.

Re: Re: compassion.Someone offered a good counterargument to my own views on compassion: ie, empathy is evolutionarily helpful as well as pragmatic, so it’s hardwired in the general circumstance, and when all of us feel this towards a great individual/group that may be effectively genetically worthless, this is certainly a sort of satisfactory side effect. Much more pessimistic, yet plausible.

Another individual raised a great point regarding overriding consideration via culture / marketing: we think much more compassion for canines because they are element of our residence culture than we perform towards better animals like pigs or octopi.

Somebody also raised an argument that compassion is known as a luxury you are able to only indulge in once the basic needs are fulfilled. If certainly not absolutely authentic, certainly it’s easier to always be compassionate for anyone who is safe.

Re: live performance.The discussion about so why we enjoy live performance got me personally thinking about the pleasure of the interplay between human being performers and audience, as the performance responds towards the energy in the crowd. Theoretically, if you had computers with good enough sensors, you might be able to achieve this for an even great extent with computer software.

Re: benevolent aliens thought work out.It was interesting to view how persons reacted in different ways to this thought experiment than towards AJE, since in lots of ways they raise the same concerns. I really like the way in which someone presented the frame of mind of the charitable, super-intelligent alien’s view people like that a human toward a pet dog. The idea that we might still organize in social constructions despite the ought to contribute in anyway towards a great great of the planet / species, like prisoners within a prison, inch was also provocative.

Re: Play.Is that continues to be when we cannot contribute significantly to fine art, science, or technology a purposeless associated with play, a life that resembles move as Alan Watts details in the discuss we paid attention to?

Here are some links to some of the works people mentioned in the session or emailed to my opinion afterwards:


that devalues and respect the dignity of the individual should be confronted. Mrs Hussein’s smiled and said thank you. My personal mentor replied that it is our job to care for people needs.

Mrs Hussein’s pride of identity was compromised as the care associate took the advantage of Mrs Hussein’s condition to violate her dignity of identity on her own benefits. Professor Wilfred exerts that Dignity is usually promoted when individuals are allowed to do the very best within their capabilities, exercise control, make choices and truly feel involved in the making decisions that underpins their proper care. I had fashioned my medical placement within a stroke ward where i came in exposure to people with different types of stroke and others on rehab pathway. There were several situations where I experienced just how patient’s dignity was being managed and on the other hand, compromised. When it comes to this essay a pen name will be used in order to protect privacy (Nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of conduct 2009).

I cared for Mrs Hussein, a 75 years old, Asian woman who had been admitted into the ward with ischemic stroke which remaining her with right on the sides weakness of both limbs. (Walsh 2002) defines a stroke while an disruption of the blood circulation to a portion of the brain plus the development of neurological deficits.

Mrs Hussein’s health required her to be dependent on carers provides she requires help for almost all her activities of daily living. Through the morning move I reinforced the proper care assistant to clean her. All of us sought on her consent and asked if perhaps she would like to have her bath, window treatments were drawn around using peg and her exclusive part protected with towel until the personal part would have to be washed, making sure her personal privacy and dignity were taken care of. The Nursing jobs and Midwifery council (NMC 2009) applies that people should be treated with respect and dignity.

Following we finished bathing her, I headed to her cupboard to acquire her towels, but the care assistant explained she is using the hospital Dress because she is incontinence of both urine and faeces. Mrs Hussein said she does not wish the Gown that she favors her individual clothes for the reason that hospital dress does not cover her physique properly, the lady explained. Unfortunately, her obtain was overlooked. Despite the code of perform (NMC2009) that states that You must listen to the individuals in your care and react to their worries and preferences. Also, Worldwide Journal of Nursing Practice 2011; seventeen: 336-341 as well asserts that Listening to patients is a necessary iniciador to respecting their pride in treatment and in helping their feeling of their own dignity

Mrs Hussein was not searching happy since her wish was dismissed. I intervened by moving closer to her, held her hand used the restorative communication skill. I placed her side to explain with her that I will get one of the carers that will assist in changing her to her very own cloth. The attitude and communication abilities of the individual doctor can do much to make sure that these and other similar encounter are not made worse. Matiti

We reported the problem to my personal mentor and she included me to modify her. inches. According to Wilfred (professor in dignity of more mature people) Any kind of practice

These patients on rehabilitation path were always given picking out what to we particularly the girls were encouraged to wear their particular personal cloths as they might need to go for therapy. This is performed at all times to keep up patient’s dignity.

I as well experienced a great 82 years of age man who was admitted in to the ward and was mixed up. Due to his condition he always undressed himself. This kind of resulted in deciding for him to be moved to the side space. The idea of staying in the area room by itself led to him not end up being attended to when he was puzzled and could not really use the contact bell

Charge of the bowel and urinary is a thing that people develop as small kids and loss in this vital that you preserve an individual’s privacy and dignity during such proper care. Sufferers to feel child-like and stigmatised. Older people with continence concerns often think a decrease of dignity in care adjustments (Nursing & Residential Treatment, August 2009, Vol 10, No almost 8

During my positioning I as well noticed that when there was a shortage of personnel, the people dignity is commonly diminished. For example , in the cerebrovascular accident ward exactly where I was, individuals who were unable to feed for themselves required assistance but due to the shortage of personnel patients was required to wait for transforms to be fed as a result, their food must have gone cool which then diminishes their dignity because if they were in a position to feed themselves they would not have to wait intended for assistance. The hospital toilets specifically, the ones in shared bays are comparatively small for carer to manoeuvre which usually sometimes subject matter patient’s dignity being reduced.

It is presumed that one of the factors inhibiting dignity in practice is as consequence of the health-related professionals certainly not adequately built with the necessary abilities and knowledge required of these to be able to accomplish their operate effectively. As well, the fact that the concept of dignity is a very challenging to define, it is hard to give a particular definition which may be used to underpinned practice.

(Anderberg et approach, 2007). Therefore , there is need to help health care workers in practice to identify practical ways of advertising patient and client pride

Patient pride is sense valued and comfortable psychologically with one’s physical presentation and behaviour, level of control over the specific situation, and the actions of other folks in the environment (Baillie, 2007, p. 247). Matiti

Within healthcare settings, how individuals feel they are viewed simply by staff caring for them, or perhaps how personnel feel they can be viewed by simply colleagues and patients, can impact self esteem. If a person’s personal standards will be met, that they develop a perception of satisfaction, have large self-esteem and feel deserving. Matiti

Use of lavatory/bathroom establishments There may be often insufficient access to lavatory/bathroom facilities with staff unavailable to help and alternatives, just like commodes, provided that people identified embarrassing and undignified. This diminished all their dignity and result in the patient not wanting to necessitate toilet. Tugging of drapes during techniques is crucial all the time.

Dignity in care can be not the sole responsibility of one professional group: all health insurance and social care professionals have to be dignity winners. Nurses will be more aware and informed with the different sizes of someones Wilfred (professor in dignity for more mature people) nursing jobs times


Reflection is actually a process of reviewing an experience to describe, analyse, examine and to inform learning of practice (Reid 1993) cited in Sully and Based in dallas. Gibbs expression cycle method (1988) to be used to reflect on my demonstration. This consists of six features and here in chronological order.

DESCRIPTION: reflecting within the EBL procedure, on the first week, trigger was given to the group to review and talk about the implication for practice. We proved helpful, strived and researched with each other as a team intended for four weeks. The task started by simply electing chairperson and a scribe. Afterwards, topic was shared amongst us as subgroups to research upon, which we all arrived at agreement. According to (Thompson et approach 2006) coming together is the character of registered nurse education to explore theoretical and clinical basic principle and utilized them to practice.

Each week, prior to the presentation day each subgroup came up with their research and that we discuss about our study and asked every part of the group for an individual input prior to arrival of our facilitator. Finally, research completed was assembled and we determined between yourself who would like to present. In the end we were all happy with our performance and the markings awarded, since the markings will be included in individual last marks.

THOUGHTS: Feelings and thinking are considered the most essential aspect of the reflective process; consequently , great attention should be taken during this method (Ely and Scott, 2007). Prior to the presentation, we were overwhelmed with emotions of anxiousness and jittery, as well as incompatibility of the group users. There was a fear of period management, even as we had only 30 minutes to present. Presenters experienced rehearsed before the proper presentation was accomplished to ensure that all of us bit time. In the end, the time management was perfect and our presentation was wonderful.

EVALUATION: The advantage of the clubs was that you can a good turnout for extra conference out the normal class hour. Although, a lot of do came up late to get sessions but get the group informed. Doing work as a team was obviously a great knowledge; it offered me more confident and better understanding of the topic. The EBL business presentation has shown me personally how to develop my knowledge and skill, successful listening skill was discovered at the time of the presentation. Nevertheless , on the previous meeting day before the display, there was concern of outlining two several slides for the power factors this brought a bit of argument but it was summarised and all settled amicably. The presentation presented me with an in-depth knowledge of the dignity in care. In respect to (Elly and Scott 2007) analysis process is actually a stage that enables one to reflect on the efficiency of your experience, what was incorrect and correct about your encounter.

ANALYSIS: in the act of EBL study my spouse and i developed the knowledge and skill of gathering and writing information, effective communication and listening skills as well as the nature of coming together for the benefit of achieving common goal. Likewise, the process offered me the privilege to gain specific insight on how dignity could be promoted in care placing, initiatives to promote dignity and the impact of undignified proper care on the older and the susceptible people in general. Evaluation is the process of making feeling of the complete experience or perhaps situation and putting this in context (Bulman and Schutz 2008).

ACTION PLAN: the moment next the ability of group presentation arise, I will attempt to volunteer to join presenting intended for the group as this will help boost and make my communication skills and developed self confidence to face the audience. Action plan relating to (Ely and Scott 2007) is actually a way of planning the future and organising yourself in case comparable events take place in the future.

Summary: This composition has supplied me with relevance information regarding EBL presentation, the trigger plus the use of Gibbs reflective cycle 1988.

Dignity in Work Rates

The condition of the workers is the problem of the hour. It will be responded one way or another, rationally or irrationally, and which in turn way that goes is of the greatest importance to the state.Pope Leo XIII Rerum NovarumSimply man is capable of work, and only man performs, at the same time by simply work living in his existence on earth. As a result work holds a particular mark of man and of humanity, the indicate of a person operating within a community of persons. Which mark chooses its in house characteristics; in a sense it makes up its incredibly nature.St John Paul II – Laborem Exercens


It can be of paramount importance that healthcare professionals promote pride in treatment at all times. You will find conditioning elements and features that have been set up to govern dignity in care situations.

One of the most significant conditioning elements is for the nurse to achieve a full knowledge of the concept of endorsing dignity in order to provide good breastfeeding care to the adult sufferers.

In care situation, dignity may be marketed or lessened by the subsequent factors; physical environment, organizational culture as well as the attitude and behaviour with the nursing team in the way attention are accomplished. There are several ways that patient’s or perhaps client pride can be marketed.

According cultural institute of excellence (2010) there are 8 main factors that showcase dignity in care. Couple of which I will certainly explain with example.

Pride can be encourage by medical professionals simply by involving individuals in their personal care, leaving you to make their particular decisions and choices concerning their proper care.

Treating patient or client as someone involves playing them and to avoid looking after them as a group, encouraging independence and offering time and decision. For example , give patient selection of how they wish to be outfitted by requesting them to select cloths of their choice.

Once communicating with patient, it is important to convey respectful verbal and non verbal communication; Listening, reacting, allowing time and use of beneficial communication when ever required.

Health-related professionals ought to cultivate the habit of approaching affected person in an appropriate manner therefore, with esteem and skillfully.

Providing individuals with necessary information with regards to their health, results in them having impression of value.

Make clear procedure to get consent co-operation prior every procedure and including these people in their proper care by giving all of them choice and freedom to express their feeling of makes them think a sense of belonging and that nursing staff are not taking over the treatment they offer. Retaining privacy is important. For example , during procedures, window treatments should be taken around patient’s bed applying peg, to ensure privacy.

Keeping the environment clean is very important. For instance , a transfshould not be still left at the person’s bed part after employ. It is concluded that reflection about, and advancements to, the care environment makes a significant contribution to patients, family members and staff feeling valued and respected. (Matiti)

When pride is present people feel in charge, valued, confident, comfortable and able to make decisions on their own. When dignity is missing people experience devalued, lacking control and comfort. They may lack assurance and be not able to make decisions for themselves. They could feel embarrassed, embarrassed or ashamed.

It can be of paramount important to set up and involving elderly people in stimulating actions, particularly individuals in a medical home in as this will help to to prevent solitude.

According to 2008 et ‘s it states that retirement years may bully dignity because the amount of sociable inclusion and participation will be limited.

The moment patient and client are certainly not treated with respect and dignity that tends to gave negatives effect on their well-being thus impacts them psychologically and socially.

dignified treatment correlate many closely with high fulfillment with the hospital stay, thus indicating that patients who see that they are cared for with dignity are more happy with their total hospital experience. (matiti) (chochinov et approach, 200b) Matiti) indicated a web link between lack of dignity and various unwanted effects, such as psychological and symptoms distress, improved dependency requires and loss of will to live

It is affirmed by legislation and honest of the job that, almost all healthcare professionals to all the time promote patients’ dignity and respect. (chochinov et al, 200b) Matiti) indicated the link between loss in dignity and various unwanted effects, such as mental and symptoms distress, increased dependency needs and loss of will to have


The desire to restore pride to the heart of nursing is an attempt to problem and redress some of the abordnung and overspecialisation that has happened over the past 10 years, which have perpetuated the recognized erosion of care (Scott, 2000). Yet , (Maben and Griffiths, 2008). From dignity champion exerts that Promotions for pride in treatment may not automatically result in the modify of values, attitudes and beliefs which have been perceived to get lacking in nursing

As it has been stated that dignity can be difficult to establish and that proper care professional may not be equipped with the necessary skills and Knowledge essential of them to deal with client with dignity nevertheless , there are regulating bodies which can be in place to aid health practitioner in using initiatives to promote pride. These pursuits are readily available being a guide to healthcare/care provider to be able to effectively and adequately treating client with respect and dignity. Devotedness to these endeavours, consequently result in meeting clients needs as individual and providing quality care.

Design for patient’s dignity is another body that promotes dignity. They have create a number of pursuits to help experts in attention setting. These kinds of includes, universal gown which will caters to every size as well as ethnic and spiritual beliefs. The robe also addresses all part of the patients human body including the the front and the again which gives people privacy and allows these to feel protect and many more.

http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/our-work/challenges/Health/Design-for-Patient-Dignity/Case-studies/ twenty-three December 2012

My home life focuses on elderly people, this is why it is often chosen

my personal home life movements is also a governing body who shaped a variety of project which aspire for best practice includes a impression of secureness; this involves attaining trust and look after confidentially unless on a need to find out basis. A sense of significance allowing them to feel perception of really worth and appreciated, recognising their presence, being attentive and understanding their needs, leaving you them to make sure that they make options and decision about their lives. A sense of continuity

All of these initiatives help to showcase their pride because they feel a feeling of belonging. (Nolan et al’s Framework’).

From my personal research it can be evidenced that several study have been carried out to promote pride in treatment settings.

One of those initiatives is Dignity in Care network set up simply by SCIE (SOCIAL CARE START FOR EXCELLENCE). The 15 point Pride Challenge is definitely the framework and the standard’ this project aims to regain dignity in the middle of the health and social care orofessionals

Initiatives from the division of wellness including the Countrywide Service Construction for seniors, the a muslim Next measures document and the Dignity in care Marketing campaign incorporating the dignity challenge, all seek to promote the required changes in culture that are necessary to ensure that older people and their carers are remedied with admiration, dignity and fairness. The Department Essence of care: Patient-focused benchmarks intended for clinical governance also offers a framework pertaining to healthcare pros to use in calculating their practice relating to privateness and pride.

The Healthcare Commission record Caring for Dignity (2007) keeps that pride is human legal rights issue’ and should be the underlying theory when delivering services. However , there is small guidance and no way of testing how well a service respects a person’s privateness and dignity. Dignity is a complex principle which means different things to different persons, but is deto be made up of two parts: having self-respect and being respected by others.

Maintaining dignity helps to protect our self-worth and personality; this is particularly important in care options where residents are often vulnerable, and nurturing practices can make people truly feel undignidue to their personal and romantic nature. It is usually easier to identify when pride has been dropped rather than if it is being managed.

(Nursing & Residential Care, August 2009, Vol 14, No 8)

(Privacy and dignity in continence proper care: research review)

Definitions with the concept of is actually a difficult concept to establish, and contains a strong association with value. Dignity is defined as being worth respect. (DH, 2003) reported from Toby and Alison however , The Social Proper care Institute to get Excellence (SCEI; 2006) remarked that although identifying dignity may be difficult, know when they have not recently been treated with dignity and respect. ‘

The definition of dignity through the oxford book talks about the innateness of dignity in human as it is natural. Also this is embedded in Article 1 of the United Nations General Assembly Announcement of 1948, reiterate in 1996 by the United nations International Bill of Rights, which states, that all individuals are created free and equal in dignity and rights (United Nations, 1996). (matiti).

From your EBL group presentation Professor Lennart Nordenfelt’s theories upon dignity had been discussed; first of all, Dignity of merit- based on hierarchical location in contemporary society, dependent on economic/social class may be hereditary. Secondly, Human Dignity gives rise to the cost of being human, and the Dignity of moral visibility based on someones moral autonomy/integrity and, lastly Dignity of identity which in turn focuses on human being’s self-respect, including ideas of honesty and autonomy, and may end up being violated each time a person can be prevented coming from doing what exactly they want to do and/or entitled to perform, or simply by physical strike and embarrassment. The last element of Nordenfelt’s meaning of dignity, which can be the pride of personal personality, is the one that may be related to the elderly. Due to feasible limited capabilities associated with ageing individuals they are often subjected to all their dignity getting violated, his or her condition can result in these people being influenced by others for their daily activities of living, therefore depriving all of them of their from doing what they would want or perhaps entitled these to do, that might bring about physical assault and humiliation. *missing quote to become inserted, after confirmation of source**

The Royal college of Nursing jobs (RCN) has turned it obvious that pride applies evenly to those who may have capacity and the ones who shortage it. Later equal really worth as person and must be treated as human beings and take note00 as if they are able to feel, believe, and act in relation to their particular worth or perhaps value.

*missing Dignity in Care quotation to be injected, upon affirmation of source**

It is confirmed from my personal research around the definition of pride that people understand dignity in different ways due to its subjective nature. non-etheless, there is no standard agreement upon what pride actually means. Julie Clark, 2010. Nevertheless , there is a opinion that it is a benefit possessed by simply every man. Everyone irrespective of circumstances must be treated with dignity.

Nordenfelt argues that, Menschenwurde is a basic program. Each older person provides his or her innate value, which entails several rights, amongst other the rights of the UN Statement. People usually do not lose any of these rights mainly because they have reached a particular age. **(Dignity in care for older pp)** Badcot states that, Kant I Reported in et approach 2008 holds that people posses dignity because they are realistic, autonomous beings with innate value who can pursue and determine their own ends. Kant’s definition of pride in relation to value’ seems to rely upon possession of autonomy.

Traditional Perspectives

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concepts of open-handed education will be rooted inside the teaching ways of Ancient Portugal, a slave-owning community divided between slaves and freemen. The freemen, mostly worried about their rights and obligations as residents, received a non-specialized, nonvocational, liberal disciplines education that produced well-rounded citizens conscious of their put in place society. Concurrently, Socrates highlighted the importance of individualism, flattering upon his students the work of person to form his own views through cause rather than indoctrination. Athenian education also offered a balance between producing the mind and the body. One more possibility is the fact liberal education dates back for the Zhou Dynasty, where the teachings of Confucianism focused on propriety, morality, and social order.

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