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* Born in 1940 and died in 2009.

2. He was raised in Bellas Gate, a village in rural St Catherine, Discovery bay, jamaica. * This individual attended St . Jago Secondary school between 1952-57.

* He attended Rose Bruford College or university in Kent, England between 1960-63. 2. He, along with seven companions, started out the Barn theatre.


* Is actually Not My own fault Baby, 1967.

2. The Device, 1968.

2. Cinderella (Musical), 1969.

* Smile Orange, 1971.

5. Music Boy, 1971.

* Sleeper, 1972.

* Amusing Strip, 1973.

* School's Out, mid 1970s.

* Old Story Period, 1979.

* Everyman, 80.

* Two Can Enjoy, 1982.

2. Family Organizing (Musical), 1989.

* The Game, 1989.

5. The Power, 1992.

* One particular Stop Drivers, 1992.

5. Dear Counselor, 1997.

5. Bellas Door Boy, 2002.


* The Harder They Come, 1969.

* Laugh Orange, 1974.

* Dairy and Honies, 1988.

* Top Rankin'


This kind of play is around a mother who wants the very best for her kid. As a result, the girl isolates him from the kids in the neighborhood and forcibly encourages him to study. The result of her 'encouragement' is that this individual obtains a scholarship to venture to University in England, travels the world, obtains a PhD, and gets a fantastic job in the banking sector in Kingston, Jamaica. Together with her encouragement, regarding education, however , is usually her castigation of the Dark race. The girl tells her son that Black is not good, therefore , he must make an effort to court Maggie, the reverend's daughter who also, it is intended, is light. He attemptedto accommodate his mother and was brutally humiliated. This incident, nevertheless , led to him meeting his future partner, the dark skinned Lois. Mama will not react well to their relationship and retains the belief that Lois has worked obeah on her child in order to attain and keep him. We learn that Lois griffin is, in fact , dedicated to Len. So much so that she embezels the bank's money in order to support Len while having been away at University. Your woman paid for it at that time because her then boss, George McFarlane, blackmailed her. Her previous boss re-enters her life when Len investigates George's financial actions in order to uncover whether or not he has cheated Mama in a housing deal. George tries to use her former deceitful activities against her, nonetheless it backfires upon him because Len uses the same financial institution slip, that George experienced kept while evidence of Lois griffin embezzlement of bank funds, to snare him. The story culminates with Mama working obeah upon Lois in order to get her away of Len's life. Learning about that your woman was wrong in her treatment, and attitude, toward Lois over time, she apologizes to Lois. Lois, Len and Pennsylvania Ben place her within a prayer circle in order to make certain that the come back does not catch her. Most is forgiven by the end in the play. This story is usually narrated by simply Pa Bill, who is crucial to keeping the peace, along with keeping the lines of conversation open between family.


* The first half of the play is mostly set in a great unamed parish in non-urban Jamaica. 5. The last half the play is usually predominantly set in Kingston, Jamaica. * The storyplot line is defined between the 1960's to 1980.


Pa Ben

* Dr. murphy is the narrator and story teller.

* He keeps the peace between Mama and Len.

5. He will keep the lines of conversation open among Mama and Len, and Len and Lois. 2. He adores Len just like a son, and treats him like 1.

* Mother is his best friend.

* He loves to drink his white rum.

Mama (Miss Aggie/ Miss G. )

* Len's mother.

* She is an industry lady.

5. She is incredibly invested in her child's education.

* She's very proud.

* The lady believes that whites and near whites, are superior to Black persons. * She is very witty.


2. Len's the child years friend.

* She is continuously pregnant

5. By the core play the girl had eleven children which is pregnant with another. * She passes away in giving birth near the end...