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The Expression Company started in 1988 as The Expressions Card and Stationery Shop, offering cards and other paper products exclusively distributed by Sterling Paper. Two decades later, The Expressions retail store has grown to 40 twigs nationwide and has widened its items to include complete lines of faculty and office supplies, present and originality items, computer supplies and reading supplies, living up to their current positioning as " Your inexpensive school and office products store. " Guided by the Mission to provide convenient price tag solutions and a happy searching experience to customers over the nation, Expressions has made their stamp near your vicinity with prizes such as Spectacular School & Office Materials Retailer in the 12th Twelve-monthly Asia Pacific Excellence Honours, Most Exceptional Office & School Items Retailer on the 2005 Philippine Marketing Brilliance Awards, with out. 1 Stationary Brand at the 2005 People's Brand Awards.


The flagship brand, Expressions, is far more than your average university and business office supplies shop. On top of basic finds, it includes customers an expanded collection focused on creative and personality-based merchandise, which makes it the country's leading institution and business office express store. MART A SINGLE

Born from the provincial need for an urbanized shopping knowledge, Mart One offers the most of the City at affordable prices. With a wide range of items in fashion, health insurance and beauty, houseware and more, Mart One is unquestionably North Luzon's number 1 lower price store. SURPASS

Taking advantage of the country's net cafГ© growth, Expressions has generated ExCeL, the biggest company-owned internet chain inside the Philippines. With over 40 branches countrywide, ExCeL supplies world-class laptop or home pc services to fulfill the requires of its most demanding clients. MI

Mid-2008 observed Expressions partnering with the WalterMart chain of community department stores as point tenant Mi Department Store. Mi allowed customers to individualize their vogue needs with what's hip and sizzling around the world, showing that it is certainly Your Completely happy Shopping department store.

And in all these ventures, The Expressions Firm continues to uphold its 3-prong Vision: 5. FOR OUR COMMUNITY,

all of us aim to encourage learning and promote caring for the environment 5. FOR THE PARTNERS,

all of us aim to blend and produce alliances pertaining to mutaully lasting and top quality growth Be our organization partner.

Turn into one of the valued suppliers.


we aim for them to exude real pleasure in order to ideal personify the brand

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Climate Alter and the Korea

Recent research reveal that human actions have added significantly to the increase of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere that causes local climate change. The Philippines is a hotspot intended for climate transform disasters particularly the risk for agriculture and meals security due to extreme Un Nino and severe warm cyclones. The spread of infectious diseases are affected by variances in environment variables, heat, relative moisture and rain fall. Sever very typhoons like Reming that pummeled the Bicol area in 2006 destroyed at least $90-million worth of agricultural products and system. Diseases including dengue fever, malaria, cholera have elevated throughout the years. Climate change impacts on coastal specific zones and ocean ecosystems triggered massive coral reefs bleaching particularly in 1998 due to elevated ocean temperature and fish kills and reddish tides like the one that occurred in 1992 that was an Este Nino period. Scientists cautioned the Korea could knowledge famine simply by 2020, because the unfavorable impact of worldwide warming takes a toll about natural resources. Thousands will probably be displaced off their homes particularly in low-lying coastal communities....