Great U. S. in four hundred Words

 History of U. S. in 400 Words Essay

I actually am extremely proud of my own country as it was formed for the foundation of liberty and features continued to aid freedom for all of its individuals as well as assisting to spread freedom throughout the world. 1st, America was founded by common people looking for a better way of life, one in which they could practice their particular religion and participate in just how their settlements were governed. Committed to their particular beliefs, America endured 8-10 years of conflict to gain their very own freedom. There was many struggles along the way: disease, starvation, and suffering; although we installed in there and finally beat the United kingdom, the most highly effective nation in those days. Then, we all did something shocking; we all made it a democracy, the first on the globe. People thought it was crazy, this American test, but we proved it may work. However there was a problem brewing – slavery! That ended up leading to a great detrimental war, the North rough against the Southern. We got through it in addition to the end area was reunited and liberty for all won. Women still had several problems, nevertheless, and after practically one hundred a lot of protesting they finally received the same legal rights as males as they received the right to political election. Our beliefs of flexibility were then simply tested outside our restrictions. We got involved in World War II even as we helped to purge the field of the atrocities that the Nazis inflicted. All of us helped inside the Korean and Vietnam Battles in their struggle for independence and equality. After a extended Cold War, we were good in our attempts to get the Soviet Union to end communism and tear down the Berlin Wall membrane. We also got involved in the 1st Gulf Warfare as we worked well to get the Iraqis out of Kuwait and restabilize the region. Then, about September 14, 2001, terrorists struck the World Trade Center, the Government, and a great airplane along the way to Wa, D. C. and we once again had to defend our flexibility. We are continuous to help put an end to the mindless acts of terrorists along with instructing the people in Iraq and...