is definitely the world changing for better or even worse?

 Essay on is the world changing pertaining to better or worse?

The world is usually forever changing, but is it changing for the better? I believe that it can be. Technological developments such as the internet have empowered us to simply access details in a matter of seconds. Scientific advancements including vaccines have also allowed all of us to get rid of the seemingly incurable. These kinds of examples demonstrate that the universe is changing for the better.

When the internet was first brought to the public, people were amazed by their capabilities. Nevertheless, the internet remains constantly broadening and increasing to make the world a better place. It could be intended for research, studies, and even online games. Its comfort and easy-access are also what makes it ever more popular. Through my own experience, I possess also found that the internet makes knowledge and learning not only easier although also readily available. In the past, when I had a problem about a matter that was mentioned for school, I would personally have to leaf through numerous books simply to find my answer, but now with the straightforward click of the mouse, I can find my answer within the internet. The net has indisputably made the earth a better place by making existence more convenient.

Scientific developments such as the polio vaccine have contributed for making the world an improved place. During the 19th century, polio was a common contagious illness that caused a large number of to suffer. However , the polio shot was quickly developed, and it empowered those who would have otherwise died from this lethal disease to have. By saving millions of lives, the polio vaccine has greatly improved the world for the best.

To conclude, the world is constantly changing for the best and examples from technology and technology have verified this authentic.