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Write an analysis for the case:

" Fast, Global and Gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming:

Supply China and tiawan Management, Hong Kong Style

– An interview with Victor Fung”





1 . Ideal evolution in the new age of worldwide competition4

- Acquisitions

-- Outsourcing Offer

- Supply Chain Supervision

2 . Important success factors of Li & Fung7

- Permanent relationship with the suppliers

-- Dispersed Manufacturing/Borderless conversion approach

- The idea of " Very soft $3”

- Focus on primary business and outsourcing the high cost sections

3. Talk about the strengths/weakness/opportunities and risks 8 given the latest and future economic climate

- SWOT Summaries of Li & Fung

4. Li & Fung future beneath HK Government's strategy to produce 10 HK become a regional logistics centre

5. Ways of take advantage of the enhancements made on China (WTO)11 Conclusion12




Li & Fung Limited is one of the global leaders in consumer goods design, development, sourcing and distribution. The business, along having its subsidiaries, supplies supply sequence management solutions to the stores and different brands across the globe. It also supplies logistics option. It offers it is services through three unique interconnected organization networks – Trading, Strategies and Distribution. The company along with its subsidiaries principally functions through a network of more than 15000 suppliers, and over 240 offices and distribution centers in 45 countries over the Americas, The european union, Africa and Asia. The following will examine the strategic evolution of Li & Fung inside the new age of worldwide competition. Also, it will talk about the strong points, weaknesses, chances and hazards of their technique given the recent and future economical. Moreover, it will find out the success elements of it. Furthermore, it will evaluate Li & Fung's future under the policy of SAR Government' strategy and the benefit given by the China.


Li & Fung Group is a HASTKRAFTER based multinational business categories of listed businesses in HASTKRAFTER and the HK Hang Seng Index and Morgan Stanley in HASTKRAFTER Index. The Group uses the concept of source chain administration to run their particular three key businesses in export trading, distribution and retail market. This established in 1906 in Guangzhou, China and tiawan engaged in foreign trade in that year the first Chinese-owned companies, breaking the then international firms in China's foreign trade monopoly. From 1906 to the present, the role of Li & Fung's business has gone by simple procurement agent to global evolution of supply chain managing. In early level, it is only between customers and suppliers to act as a great intermediary part to transact, as proficient in English, that act as a bridge between manufacturers and overseas purchasers. But , the money under simple procurement agent was squashed between the developing power of the buyers and the factories. All their margins tucked to 3%. Since then, the brothers have got lead Li & Fung through a number of transformations. It has made the transition by buying agent to supply sequence manager. At present, Li & Fung's organization are well developed as HK's largest foreign trade trading company and an innovator in the development of source chain management. Also, it has her individual retails organization on Gadgets R All of us and the Group of friends K convenience-store chain in HK. From now not any, the ideal of obtain will be one of the important element to help global expansion constantly.

1 . Tactical evolution inside the new age of global competition

Purchases: This is a process in which Li & Fung gained fresh client accounts by buying rival companies. Regarding nine companies were bought in 10 years. They include their nearest competitor Inchcape Buying Services, Dodwell (bring access to Indian subcontinent), Swire Group and Camberley (their...

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