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a few February The Merchant Of Venice: Take action 1, Field 1

1 . They say he's sad cause his ships are in sea in addition to many problems that can generate Antonio shed all his cargo. He might also be in love or perhaps he is miserable for he is not cheerful. 2 . Antonio knows his friends and he knows Salerio and Solanio are just interested in materialistic things. This kind of shows that Antonio is a good judger of persona. He also says that he does not know for what reason he is sad for this individual has no reason to be unhappy. 3. Antonio says he could be definitely not in love.

some. Gratiano says it is time so they can laugh again and that Antonio should not work with his depressed state of mind to show people he's full of knowledge. He says it is advisable to behave like a fool than to become serious and pretend to get wise. your five. He even comes close the world which has a stage in which everyone has a reason or part to play. 6th. He is trying to win the girl Portia's cardiovascular system by being by using an equal ranking with her other suitors. He's way of life is pricey and this individual tries to make an impression everyone along with his wealth. six. From Antonio.

8. He assures him that his money and all he provides is available to Bassanio. He may help him any way he can – given that the cause is honest. 9. He really wants to lend more income from Antonio so that he can earn the Lady Portia's heart (and money) to his debts. 10. He needs the money to compete with Portia's other suitors also to travel to Belmont, Portia's home. He hence needs it to buy shows for Portia to impress her. 11. And she is also beautiful and good

12. By funding money, this individual pretends to become rich, and we know he's not, in reality he is in great financial debt. He pretends to be considering Portia – but we could assume he can after her money. 13. No, he's still stressed out. He makes true in the promises. He does not imagine to be happy – and this individual does not cover his thoughts towards Shylock. 14. Coming from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender who lends money with interest.

a few February The Merchant Of Venice: Act 1, Field 2

1 . Nerissa.

installment payments on your Nerissa says that if you have a lot of money, it makes you faster than once you have just enough to live on. Portia has never worked well and thus not really know what it is like to undergo. 3. Portia believes it really is good to adhere to proper suggestions for the heart is usually ruled simply by emotions. 4. Portia's dad said in his will that the man who wants to marry her must choose one of three caskets. The right one shall have a picture of Portia in it. 5. She refused them because of her father's will plus the fact that your woman did not just like them. 6. Yes, the girl does.

six. The cakset that is made from lead, since her dad wants a husband on her who will not want her for her cash, but who also really loves her for who she's.

9 February The Product owner Of Venice: Act one particular, Scene 3

1 . Shylock means that Antonio is a good man because he can be wealthy in fact it is safe risk to take to provide him the amount of money. He usually pays his debts. installment payments on your It is shown in Shylock's statement that he will not consume or eat with them because they might give him chicken to eat. several. Antonio lends money to the people without curiosity, which shows he is a giving, nice, caring and honest guy. 4. Own answer ~ must be very well motivated. (Remember, during the Elizabethan times, it absolutely was acceptable. ) 5. Shylock hates Antonio because,

6. He is a Christian,

several. Antonio offers openly criticised Shylock's usury because Antonio does not request it, eight. He has spit on Shylock and treated him like a mongrel dog. being unfaithful. He repeats the conditions of the financial loan several times. This individual pretends to obtain no money (he would acquire it by Tubal) and he greets him also politely. twelve. Appearance or Reality, Money lending or Friendship, Whim vs . Proper rights. Love vs . Friendship, Funny vs . Disaster, Materialism vs . Spiritualism. 11. He will provide three thousand ducats to Antonio for 3 months, of course, if he are unable to repay it, Shylock will require a piece of skin from Antonio's body everywhere he really wants to. 12. Bassanio does not like the terms by any means. It reveals that this individual...