mustang evaluation

 mustang analysis Essay

Garrett Long


English 1301

September 10, 2013

Personal Mustang Analysis

Within the past year I've been the owner of a fantastic car, the Ford Mustang v6. This car would definitely fall into the class of a modern-day muscle car that can be for the daily driver completely up to a race car. When you look at this car you can see that it has a lot of vision appeal. All the color options are colours that stay ahead of other autos like The 2012 chevrolet or Nissan. The outside trademarks are also incredibly eye attractive; the logo can be described as spirited pony to show that it's not just a ford car although a kia Mustang. Externally this is a flashy car so if you not necessarily looking for a thing that stands out within a crowd, but rather just trying to find something to get you from stage A to point B this almost certainly is not the car to suit your needs.

Because you begin to glance at the Mustang family there are many designs and alternatives from which to choose. You may have a choice range that starts with the v-6 with 305 horsepower and goes all the way up to the creature v8 supercharged with more than 600 horsepower. These are truly great options pertaining to the daily driver that just would like to have a muscle car or to the person that desires to speed later on leaving all others in his path. Regardless of which usually model you select, the interior is nearly exactly the same. You could have a choice of many techniques from leather chairs to a gps. Ford places all the essentials into this car, everything from anti-lock brake systems to traction control for wet days.

So enough of describing this car's specifications; I am explaining the v6 model I own. After a yr of proudly owning this car and becoming a previous Mazda RX8 I have noticed many aspects within the Mustang that are amazing and very few that are negative. First of all I am a one person driver with only an individual passenger every so often. This would not at all be the right car for...