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295 Phillip Streets Waterloo, ON N2L 3W8

November 12, 2010

Mr. Jesse Breen

22 Martha Street

Milton, ON L5N 8K3

Dear Mr. Breen:

Imagine your busiest day time. Your girlfriend's birthday, a huge test and you've got to complete a great assignment very last minute. Oh, and you've assured your mom who is in France that you just would skype with her. After discussing that mental to do list in your mind, you begin to ponder how you will could possibly get your self organized as quickly as possible.

When you're busy and the move, it can be challenging and time consuming to juggle all of your responsibilities at once. Nevertheless , RIM has come up with a helpful answer so that you and many other students like yourself can easily kiss that problem good bye.

The PlayBook by simply RIM, much like you and other college/university learners, is highly clever, and can deal with many tasks at once. It might be an excellent, supporting hand for anyone stressful, occupied days as well as a cool, fun entertainment tool that you can use out and about.

The RIM PlayBook is equipped with a multi-touch, six inch Lcd-display that is great pertaining to video webinar (unique capacity available on the PlayBook) and viewing your photos and videos that you took with one of the two cameras located on the device. Also, Blackberry offers joined makes with Apple to receive iTunes getting and music library around the Playbook, which can be very exceptional. The most impressive feature about the PlayBook is that you can easily have many jobs going on at once and they are done up clear look at and easy to move on the display. For example , typing e-mails, utilizing your built-in Bluetooth, and getting music all at the same time. One ABI Research analyst best identifies the objective of the PlayBook:

" RIM's approach with the PlayBook should be to provide a Wi-Fi-enabled device in the beginning that as well synchronizes with BlackBerry cell phones. ” - Jeff Orr, Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Orr's statement can be...