Notes upon Religion

 Essay regarding Notes upon Religion

1 . Cremation service is more crucial than burial in which faith? a. Buddhism b. Christianityc. Hinduism d. Islam

installment payments on your The dominating branch of Islam is

a. Druze b. Asian Orthodox c. Shiited. Sunni

3. Through the Russian Revolution to the fall season of the communist government, that which was the policy of the govt towards faith? a. all churches had been closed

w. the old house of worship was substituted by Asian Orthodoxc. chapels remained open up but enjoyed a limited part d. junior were prompted to attend so that the could be indoctrinated into communism 4. Animists believe that

a. persons should full God's creation of the Earthb. inanimate objects and normal events have spirits c. people will need to make complete use of the Earth's assets

d. normal disasters will be preventable

your five. The world's largest ethnic religion is

a. Yoga b. Christianityc. Hinduism deb. Islam

6th. The world's largest universalizing religion is

a. Buddhismb. Christianity c. Hinduism deb. Islam

several. Which is not a great ethnic Oriental religion? a. Buddhism b. Confucianism c. Shintoism m. Daoism almost eight. Lutheranism can be an example of a Christian

a. branchb. denomination c. religion d. sect

being unfaithful. What insurance plan did the British comply with in India?

a. they will divided India into two countries

b. they will forced all of the Hindus to migrate

c. they switched the problem over to the Combined Nationsd. they will encouraged the abolishment of the caste system 10. Praise in Hinduism is most likely to happen

a. in a ay shrine w. as part of a pilgrimage`c. at home d. in a pagoda eleven. The belief inside the existence of only one goodness is

a. heathenism b. cosmogonyc. monotheism g. solstice

doze. Roman Catholics are grouped in the U. S. south west primarily due to migration ofa. Roman Catholics from Latina America b. Roman Catholics from the northeast U. T. c. Both roman Catholics by Ireland m. Protestants for the north 13. Hinduism's peuple systema. assigns everyone into a distinct class b. decrees the pilgrimages which should be used c....