romeo and juliet act 1-3 summary

 romeo and juliet action 1-3 synopsis Essay


In acts a single, two and three in " Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare the story starts to take several twists and turns. To begin, in work one, for the streets of Verona the Capulet's maids pick a fight with some Montague's servants and Benvolio efforts to stop the fight. Benvolio draws his sword and yells " Part fools! /Put up your swords; you already know not everything you do”(1. 1 ) 56-7). Tybalt then moves in and sees Benvolio with is sword away, so he too brings out his sword and enters the fight. Now Montague and Capulet managed with stage and immediately participate in the battle, while their particular wives inhibit them. Royal prince Escalus perceives what is going on, is usually outraged, and demands if anymore fighting goes on it will eventually result in the performance of whomever is engaged. The attention after that moves to Romeo, who is unfortunate for some reason and has been viewed with " With holes augmenting the fresh morning's dew/Adding to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs" (1. 1 . 124-5). We after learn that Romeo is at love with a woman named Rosaline. Benvolio suggest this individual forgets about Rosaline yet Romeo insists and says " Thou canst not teach me to forget" (1. 1 ) 229). Paris, france comes on level in the beginning of act two, who is a noble men of the prince and wants to marry Juliet. Even though Paris wants Juliet's hand in matrimony Capulet points out he should certainly wait seeing that she has " not seen the change of fourteen years" (1. 2 . 10). Capulet will agree that if Paris can make her fall in love with him, he will but let them get married. As well in action two we have a big get together at the Capulet house and the servants examine a guest list and ask many persons. While the stalwart are reading the list in the street he incurs Romeo and Benvolio and asks them if they can help him read the list. Romeo supporting the stalwart sees Rosaline's name on the list. Then Benvolio convinces Romeo to sneak into the party and look by other girls. In act three Woman Capulet, Juliet...