Semai Culture

 Semai Lifestyle Essay

The Semai Tradition

ANT101: Introduction to Ethnic Anthropology

Prof. Jodi Stoneman

December 2, 2012

The Semai Culture

A tranquil Malaysian culture by the name of Semai, is mostly known for their nonviolence lifestyle. This contemporary society calls the Malay Peninsula of Southern region Asia residence. With a exceptional way of life, the planet and their values help form the tradition and its people. This conventional paper will describe how the Semai culture socially interacts, survives in the forest and why they continue to be such a peaceful culture.

Moving into various areas within the mountains and rainforests of Malay Peninsula, the Semai traditions is highly opposed to violent activity and is usually on the move. This nonviolent idea is also a contributing factor to why Semai's move around peninsula, because if perhaps any type of stress is created among neighboring groupings or tribes the Semai will quickly relocate to avoid violence. In comparison to the lives in America, Semai's daily activities are different. Being a foraging group, which means they live a hunting and gathering lifestyle; the Semai's are always active year after year in search for new prime areas which might be good for farming and hunting. As a foraging community, Semai's also practice some horticultural techniques for case, cutting and burning produce and making use of the ashes a great enriched fertilizer to the crops (Nowak & Laird, 2010). In the little Semai community labor can be divided among the list of men as well as the women. Men are mostly responsible for hunting, women are responsible pertaining to things like weaving cloth and collection rice, however everyone performs together once taking care and maintaining the crops. The Semai community is mostly made from nuclear families, meaning the families are made of both the father and mother and the children. The Semai community has no true political structure but the eldest guy in the family are considered the leader and in addition they rely on him to keep the peace. During any decision making within...