Sewer: Sewerage Treatment and Septic Containers

 Sewer: Manure Treatment and Septic Reservoirs Essay


Drainage and Sewerage System

to get the Municipality of Kabute

You will be part of the team planning for the drainage and sanitation/sewerage approach to the Municipality of Kabute.

The present quantity of inhabitants of Kabute is all about 320, 000. An increase can be expected at a rate of 2. five per cent annually for least for any period of a decade to come. After that a particular leveling away must be understood. A map of the municipality is presented in Annex 1 .

The map shows the currently sewered specific zones of the municipality A and Band the places where they discharge into the sea plus the harbor. The neighborhoods have been completely named A, B, C, etc .

These kinds of sewer release the sewage of about forty-five, 000 residents plus sewerage from community and industrial sector. A large number of inhabitants reside in poblacion in the heart of the municipality. In this middle also hotels, government buildings, training courses, banks, private hospitals, schools are found.

A serious problem is the polluting of the environment of the seaside and especially the nice beaches. Substantial E. coli counts show severe fecal pollution. This can be a first trouble you have to fix.

Heavy rainfalls occur in the municipality of Kabute particularly in the months of May till August. It is generally dried the rest of the season. The rain fall may lead to flooding of the decrease parts of the town. After water damage there is a proclaimed increase in the incidence of dengue in the poblacion and malaria at the outskirts with the municipality. Water damage also causes damage to open public and private homes.

During the dry out periods, there is also a severe deficiency of irrigation normal water in the market home gardens that surround the Municipality of Kabute. The market-gardens are especially found on both sides with the small riv T. Estilete. This water has a very low flow-rate in the dry months. At that the water is contaminated.

Water supply to Municipality of Kabute can be from Tsampyon River. Drinking water from a reservoir is definitely taken to be treated and driven to the municipality over a...