Shakespeare Modern Play

 Essay on Shakespeare Modern day Play

Kristy Liu

Mister. Peri

English language I

The spring 8, 2014

Shakespeare Sequence in the Current Time

If William shakespeare were surviving and composing plays today, with relevant knowledge about current society, I believe that he would be able to write a contemporary play primarily based off of the styles of Romeo and Juliet. Many of the designs presented in Romeo and Juliet remain existent today, although underneath different situations. Themes such as love, committing suicide, and difficulty with family occur by right now, inside the twenty-first hundred years. Individuals today still get pleasure from plays, in a single form yet another. Why carry out people continue to study Shakespeare's plays? It is because the interest is definitely not sleeping. Shakespeare could successfully create a play in present-day America.

The biggest theme in Romeo and Juliet is love. Love at first sight, love resulting in tragedy, and love delivering people collectively. Many films, television shows, and also other forms of entertainment are primarily based off of the concept of the love. Many are even only different types of Shakespeare's love tragedy itself. On the Capulet ball, Romeo and Juliet happen to be first presented together, inside the same environment. This landscape is very prone to happen by a party in modern times. People can easily fall in appreciate, or keep each other the next morning. No matter what, it still happens, in a modernized approach.

Suicide is actually a depressing matter discussed most commonly throughout young adults in today's contemporary society. It is a tragic solution a single chooses as a result of an flood of anger, stress, major depression, anxiety, and/or emotion. Romeo commits committing suicide after seeing his loved one in a deathly point out. An empty feeling overcame him, seeing his passion of his life ‘dead. ' Moments later, Juliet awakes through the Friar's comprime, but finds her true love lying presently there, dead, beside her. Juliet, feeling similar emptiness that Romeo sensed, took her own lifestyle. In current circumstances, a teen can be overwhelmed with the same feelings, because of different circumstances. A teenager could get bullied, and start to experience...