Sonnet Analysis Paper

Beyond Infinitude, infiniteness

Amera Andersen

Welcome to my community, take me and see.

Enter into my community, a world of mystery. В

It's a marvelous place where dark complies with light, В

shades of darkness grey, falling into night time.

A world where everyone talks in rhyme, В

with laughing and dancing and bending period.

The place where dreams, become reality

and children rule with regal majesty.

Come into my world of tranquility, В

wherever we warp time and steadiness.

So open up your mind because you fantasize

and step in the mirror in the form of a renaissance festival.

A place where laughter may be the only guideline

and lessons are discovered in paradoxon school.

Author notes


Sonnets are formal poetry and consist of 14 lines (3 chanson and a couplet), customarily written in iambic pentameter - that may be, in lines eight syllables long, with features falling on every second syllable Desperation

Guppie Stokes

What will I come up with in this sonnet? В

Of who's presence I really may care...

So why, just the considered doing it

Makes me want for fresh air! В

I am unable to recall if it was to be themed; В

And really do not know why it can required.

This makes all of us write things that we daydreamed; В

We am conivinced all The english language teachers happen to be wired! В

But in some months we need to be freedВ

Of this monotonous, troublesome task...

And nevermore will we have to plead, В

But be able to relax and sun-bask! В

Eureka! We have completed this dreadful sonnet, В

And sustain large hopes of recieving an 'A' upon it! В. В

I miss you

Fabrice Wonga

" I-miss-you” because you blessed my cardiovascular system with natural joy, В When you cared for me during my youth, В

With a kind-spirited finger you touched my heart, В

Now fingerprints of your legacy remain, В

Engraved in the depth of my soul, В

To get that…I thank you, В

The selfless character, if possible, В

Would have moved mountains yonder, В

Simply to appease me, your actions I honor, В

Together with the lasting recollections of sophistication, В

Along with your immortal love, В

So I give my love through a dove, В

Dove: filled up with halos of your spirit passГ©, В

The dove can be these words and phrases of sonnet; this sonnet wears " I-miss-you”.  I'd Like to Create a Sonnet Only in Fun

I wrote to write my own thoughts in clarity

My spouse and i wrote to publish ideas and views that storm

You see I had written to write peace

But now I have to write in sonnet kind

I like feelings locked inside fourteen

Inside with beats I've under no circumstances known ahead of

The sonnet life offers rule because code brings mien

To quench my thirst to get laws that we explore

My spouse and i lay the code in mind to bring feelings

With sounds I join to capture the allure

In words I actually write to create with sounds freeing

To learn amongst the unique codes that I procure

I will reread and learn as I arrange

With feelings that will flow since beats is going to changeВ

Paul Moosberg


Life is Beautifully constructed wording

Walthing, Claudia


A lot more poetry in motion

Allowing my mind & soul free of charge

Writing rhymes full of feelings

Some makes me think happy

Additional thoughts cause me to feel sad

My spouse and i accept beautifully constructed wording as my own destiny

My rhyming attributes got from dad

I actually hear rhymes in conversations

I see the heart not your qualifications

My poetry are crafted with faithfulness

Life is poems accompany with experiences

My heart & heart and soul is totally free with imagination

To me a rhyme is definitely your free soul

I will leave you having a warm smile.


Many of us are Criminals

David, Olorunsogo

abuse, liberty, truth,

Most of us are criminals

Engulfed in this particular tall walls

The inmates to us are close friends and enemies

Freedom to us, a foreign language

You are captive

By your responsibility to keep me within the wall surfaces

Even while I slumber

Elusive, sleep becomes for you

Though in different sectors

We talk about the same estate

In this homely prison

Simply your khaki difference

Identifies your category

We all happen to be prisoners

Who loves you more than I

Camilo, JoГЈo

beautiful, love,

Who really loves you much more than I?

Sunlight rises as you may wake,

superstars fire brighter in the sky,...