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The almighty vs . Science:


Hello everyone present here, before I start speaking, I would really like to share an easy dilemma which i have to my way of thinking. This distress is common, should it be any discipline in life. Therefore , being a soldier of my personal country We would quote inside our context just. Question with the battle discipline when a soldier, a initial in a fly plane, when face the enemy, what does he considers will be presently there with him to save him- GOD AND ALSO THE WEAPON this individual has with him. Whenever you all need to have got a touch of what is going to be the topic on which I will speak today. The greatest controversy, the mom of discussions, which is excellent GOD or SCIENCE. The soldier inside the battle field would rely for the weapon in the hands, a piece of scientific research and technology or the all mighty our god whose trust he bears in his center. DIFFERENT MORALS THAT CONFRONT SCIENCE:

Many preconceptions of ours and our culture have been demonstrated baseless by the advancement of science and technology. The classical way of thinking that our forefathers left for people have sown in our brains many superstitious beliefs, which are in turn contradictory to scientific research. This conundrum between rationalism and trust, logic and belief main to the main debate god or technology. If a dark-colored cat crosses your way, people change all their route. People worship, usually spends millions and millions on the sculpture made up of rock and sand thinking that there is a few superior electrical power behind it this provides the sole and mightiest benefits of all instances. Ramayana, Mahabharata, ved, puran and what not beautify the beliefs and following of the immutable even more. Spots in India like viashno devi, tirupati balajai, witnesses a humungous amount of crowds and huge amounts of donations that occasionally when come up with exceeds the gross nationwide income of small countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. IS IT APPROPRIATE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THINGS BLINDLY:

Now the question arises would it be all really necessary to devote millions and climb kms of...