Students Attendance Counter (Red)

 Students Presence Counter Red Essay

Task Requirement File

Students' Presence Counter

Supervised by, Dr . Yassine Salih ALJ

Architectural Instrumentation I

EGR 3306


I. Advantages

As a scholar of Al Akhawayn University and exactly where attendance can be mandatory, we come across every commencing of class a ten mins loss due to attendance. In fact, it is the teacher's duty to understand how many students is definitely missing or perhaps if there is virtually any absence. The goal of our project is to ensure that the professors conserve time and help to make their lectures more fruitful. Our added value should be to create a system that allows the counting of students.

II. Requirements:

1 . Requirements gathering:

The Students' Attendance Counter may help better deal with and benefit from the whole school session simply by facilitating the attendance job that each mentor has to execute, by providing these kinds of set of functionalities: * Showing the number of pupils inside a classroom

* Increment the displayed number each time someone enters the bedroom * Decrement the shown number each time someone leaves the room 2. Start functioning and displaying after the first-person entering (Avoid including the mentor in the count) * Turning off (energy saving) after the last person leaving

installment payments on your Requirements specs:

The system can contain a sensor for detecting people getting into and giving a classroom. This last mentioned consists on detection by way of body temperature, to stop counting any object or device taken inside a area. Moreover, the unit will include a screen which will display the overall number of college students inside a class room. In order to do that, we need a counter that may increment or decrement the displayed number depending on virtually any entrance or perhaps leaving. The professor can hence simply need to take a glance at the display to know just how many learners are absent in his class. The system by itself is not really complicated. But , our key objective is to bring a...