Thoughts, the Key to Our Flaws

 Emotions, the Key to Our Flaws Essay


Emotional Individual Behavior is probably the most Flaw of Humanity

In our mankind, violence is a wonderful flaw. Violence is the reason why all of us humans brought on suffering to this planet and to each other. Greed, revenge and envy will be 3 from the 7 deadly sins which have been most of the time indicated through physical violence. But at the very beginning from the sins, we started this through each of our anger that individuals cannot control. For example: revenge is brought on by anger, covet is jealousy and avarice can be brought on by fear. Dread is an emotion which is used as fundamental survival device, but in addition has proven that it can lead to an act of violence. The Bet simply by Anton Chekhov, the Amateur by Fredric Brown and Lock and Key simply by Rush demonstrate great example that mental human actions are one the highest flaw of humanity. The Hobbyist is approximately a man called Sangstrom whom plans to buy poison from a druggist to get rid of his partner. But rather, he gets poisoned by the druggist, pays off a thousand us dollars for the antidote and cannot eliminate his wife without gonna jail. The irony is that he went to the pharmacy to get toxin and when this individual went to get the poison to kill somebody else, he gets poisoned himself. There is also wordplay in the tale because the gentleman who wants to destroy his partner is named Sangstrom. In French sang means blood, if you replace sang with bloodstream, it makes bloodstrom, which usually almost sounds like blood storm. When Sangstrom got diseased, he got out that gun with craze. Fearlessly, the druggist said " you daren't employ that. Could you find the antidote among those thousands of bottles? Or perhaps if you think I am just bluffing, that you are not really poisoned, go ahead and capture. You'll know the dimensions of the answer within three several hours when the poison starts to function. ” In that case Sangstrom lowered the gun. If it were not for what the druggist said, Sangstrom would have killed the druggist for revenge and would have died later on. If it weren't pertaining to Sangstrom anger and payback to eliminate his wife in the first place, he wouldn't have been completely poisoned or perhaps would...