Turbulent Times

 Turbulent Moments Essay

A Turbulent Time: 17th and 18th Decades

Page 410-417

1 . Precisely what are the schedules for this time frame?

The date ranges for this time frame are 1625-1798.

2 . What shocked the English in 1649?

The English beheaded their king and abolishing the monarchy. 3. What were two scientific and religious revaluations that outstanding the people? Two scientific and religious revaluations that unsettled the people will be their worldview and the astronomy. 4. Who was crowned in 1625?

Charles I was crowned in 1625.

5. How come did this individual fight with parliament?

Charles I actually fought with parliament as they needed money to fund his wars and in addition they refused to fund them. 6th. What had been some of the solutions to his problem?

Some of the solutions to his problem were to extort loans from his prosperous subjects and pressed poor people into assistance as troops and sailors. 7. What conflict do he possess with the chapel?

He issue he had with the church was when he insisted that clergymen " adapt, ” or perhaps observe each of the ceremonies from the Anglican House of worship. 8. What caused the civil warfare in England in 1642?

The civil war was due to Charles planning to outmaneuver the reformers. on the lookout for. Who was the supreme winner of the civil war? Led by who? The royalist were the ultimate champions of the civil war plus they were led by Oliver Cromwell. 15. What happened towards the king after his wipe out?

After his defeat, Charles I was accepted as a hostage, convicted of treason, and beheaded in January 31, 1649. eleven. What was the newest government named? Led simply by who?

The modern government was called the English Earth and business lead by Oliver Cromwell. doze. What had been some of his actions during his reign?

Some of his actions were dissolving parliament in 1653, naming himself Lord Protection, and dominated as a virtual dictator. 13. Why were people nonetheless unhappy?

The people had been still disappointed because the detrimental war had not led to the free world that many expected them to be. 14. What were a number of the things that have been outlawed?

Some of the things...