Who also Do You Think You Are?

 Who Do You Think You Are? Essay


IELTS Prospect

Photographs 2009

The following recommendations are provided to get centres to follow along with in the administration of check day images; the decision to simply accept the photographs posted by a applicant is at the Administrator's discretion.

в–Є Candidates provide two the same colour photographs that are not more than six months outdated в–Є Combination reference with passport image (if a similar has been applied check the particular date of issue of the passport) в–Є Black and white photos must not be acknowledged

в–Є The image must be clearly visible i actually. e. the pictures must not be stamped, signed / written in, marked, folded away, stapled more than or broken in any way


• Regular passport size photograph

• Minimum thirty five mm wide

• Minimum 45 mm in height


• A close-up of the mind and top of shoulder blades (80%+ with the photo) • Looking directly towards the camera with face square upon • Both equally ears exhibiting or equally edges with the face obvious if frizzy hair covers the ears • NOT personal portrait style (glamour shot)

• CERTAINLY NOT looking over a single shoulder

• Head not really tilted or rotated


• Print top quality of specialist standard

• High quality conventional paper and colour image

• No tattoo or represents on the picture


• No shadows or bright glare on the graphic or background

• Great colour equilibrium that reveals skin tones naturally

• A plain, light coloured history (beige, light, blue backdrop recommended, certainly not red) - no things in the background

- no patterned background

• Appropriate illumination and comparison

• Standard lighting/ well-defined focus and clear

• No ‘red eye'


• A neutral appearance with mouth area closed

- no smiling, squinting, frowning or raised eyebrows

• Nothing covering the face

• Eyes wide open and obviously visible

- no frizzy hair covering the eyes


• Nothing should certainly hide the outlines in the eyes, nostril or mouth area • No glasses (please...